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Regen Drouin, MD, PhD

Investing in Our Youth “I have had the pleasure to participate in the Gene Researcher for a Week program for over 5 years now. My experience with the students has been a pleasant one. The student's eagerness and enthusiasm is refreshing. It puts a smile on my face to see their eyes light up when they perform successful manipulations. I really hope that this wonderful program will continue in the years to come. Keep up the good work CGCF!”

Regen Drouin, MD, PhD
Service of Genetics
Department of Pediatrics
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
University of Sherbrooke, Quebec

Host Scientist Application

Mentoring Our Youth

Since its inception in 2003, the Gene Researcher for a Week program has placed hundreds of students in the labs of top Canadian Scientists conducting human genetics research. Many influential researchers such as Dr. Michael Hayden, Dr. Tom Hudson and Dr. Charles Scriver have supported this initiative.

Share your passion and knowledge of human genetics with future scientists!

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Investing in Our Youth

To enhance the educational opportunities available for these students, CGCF must broaden its network of geneticists. The Canadian Gene Cure Foundation invites you to take part in this unique program as a host scientist. As a participant, you will mentor one or two high school students in a lab setting for the duration of one week. This experience is invaluable to young Canadian scientists. Mentoring programs such as Gene Researcher for a Week have proven to be a rewarding experience not only for the students, but for the many scientists who have participated as well.

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